Adelaida Salikha · 2 weeks ago

The Ultimate Reasons Why This Southeast Asian Meal Is One of the Most Remarkable Dishes on Earth

The rich taste and texture of this meal .... irresistible!

Adelaida Salikha · 2 weeks ago

Top 10 Shopping Apps In Southeast Asia 2018

The heavyweights in Southeast Asia last year. Are you one ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 weeks ago

Introducing The Southeast Asia’s First KFC Open Kitchen Concept Store!

Fried chicken lovers, this good news is for you!

Akhyari Hananto · 4 weeks ago

15 Things You Might not Know about Hanoi

Hanoi-the capital of Vietnam, is a rich cultural city with ...

Adelaida Salikha · one month ago

More 'Alien Sports' In This Year's Southeast Asian Games? No Way!

The Philippines hosts the biggest ever Sea Games on Nov 30...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 months ago

(NEW) Top 10 Seasia.Co Infographics of The Year

Here's our own version of rankings; The Top 10 Infographics of ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 weeks ago

World's Top Halal Tourist Destinations 2019 Ranked

For over a decade, CrescentRating has developed various initiatives to ...

Adelaida Salikha · 3 weeks ago

Look Out for These 25 Most Beautiful Villages in the World!

... and there's only one in the region is spotted.

Akhyari Hananto · 3 weeks ago

These Are World Best Airlines 2019 According to Trip Advisors' Travelers' Choice

Travel site Tripadvisor have revealed the top carriers around the ...

Adelaida Salikha · 3 weeks ago

(RANKED) World's Most Powerful Passports, According to 2019 Henley Passport Index

The latest edition of the rankings consolidate 12 months of Asian ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Museum to Reopen Next Month

The main building of Japan’s Hiroshima Peace Memorial ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

Vietnam's Bamboo Airways to Buy 50 Airbus A321neo Planes

Vietnamese carrier Bamboo Airways has signed a firm deal to ...

Adelaida Salikha · one week ago

The Southeast Asian Countries' Growth in Mobile Payments Use, Here's The Rankings

The trend of consumers' shopping using mobile payment.

Adelaida Salikha · 2 weeks ago

(RANKED): The World's Strongest Telco Brands 2019

In order to determine the strength of a brand, Brand ...

Akhyari Hananto · 3 weeks ago

After Grab, Here's the Second Decacorn in Southeast Asia

Indonesia's ride-hailing service Gojek finally reaches Decacorn status (companies ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

Singapore Launches Southeast Asia's First Cell-Based Shrimp Dumplings, and It Costs S$5,000

Singapore's first cell-based meat venture Shiok Meats lifted the lid ...

Adelaida Salikha · 4 weeks ago

Congratulations to All Winners of the Google News Initiative (GNI) Innovation Challenge in Asia Pacific!

Congratulations to all the Southeast Asian winners.

Adelaida Salikha · 4 weeks ago

The World's Top Cities With Great Gaming Culture and Low Ping

This Southeast Asian nation had the fastest download speed among ...

Akhyari Hananto · 5 days ago

These Are Shortest Rivers In The World

If they are so short, why are they called rivers? ...

Adelaida Salikha · 3 weeks ago

The World's New Tallest Known Tropical Tree Has Been Found. It's Spotted in This Region Too!

A giant tree more than 330 feet tall was identified in ...

Akhyari Hananto · 4 weeks ago

This Unique Creature Found in the Depth of Sulawesi Sea

The Pink See Through Fantasia is a type of sea ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

Thailand Supermarket Goes Viral for Its Genius Way to Reduce Plastic Packaging

One supermarket in Thailand has made waves online for using ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 months ago

The Rise Circular Economy and How Indonesian Bottled-Water Giant is Implementing it

Since the arrival of industrialization, our economy has been resting ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 2 months ago

This Southeast Asian Country Has Second Largest Known Population of Whale Sharks

The Philippines officially hosts the second largest known population of ...

Akhyari Hananto · one week ago

Four Southeast Asian Countries are Among Top 10 emerging markets will dominate the global economy in the next decade

Rankings of the biggest growth stars in emerging markets sees ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

Made-in-ASEAN Coffee in First Ever Singapore Coffee Auction

White bid placards in hand, over 40 people gathered in a ...

Adelaida Salikha · one month ago

Malaysia's Proton Sets Its First Foot In South Asian Region

The assembly plant will be built near Karachi, Sindh province ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · one month ago

Singapore Cross-border Payment Startup Instarem Closes $41M Series C for Global Expansion

  InstaReM, a Singaporean cross-border payments company, has officially closed ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · one month ago

[RANKED] World's Most Expensive Cities to Live in

There’s not just one most expensive city this ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · one month ago

Grab Launches Loans and Micro-Insurance in Southeast Asia

Grab Financial, the fintech arm of Southeast Asian ride-hailing major ...

Adli Hazmi · 3 days ago

Heroes Behind Indonesian General Election

Indonesia is having general election which if we see in ...

Adelaida Salikha · 6 days ago

This Southeast Asian Leader Among 100 Most Influential in 2019

He is also described as “formidable old warhorse who dazzled ...

Akhyari Hananto · 3 weeks ago

Hobbits Really Exist, Now We Know Where They Come From

Ancient ' hobbits ' who lived in Indonesia are most ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

Meet Forrest Li, Southeast Asia's Newest Tech Billionaire

At age 41, Forrest Li is now a billionaire. The founder ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · one month ago

Blind People Can’t ‘Watch’ Movies, Right? At This Cinema in Indonesia, They Can

“I feel like I have my vision back. I could ...

Adli Hazmi · 2 months ago

Watch These Teens from The Philippines Rock the NBC WOD 2019 Stage!

Dancing in professional way is not an easy thing to ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 2 months ago

Singapore Business School Launches Southeast Asia’s First Sustainability Major

A Singapore business school has launched Southeast Asia’s first ...

Adli Hazmi · 3 months ago

International Symposium in Selcuk Universitesi : The Good Relations between Turkey and Indonesia

Turkey and Indonesia have good diplomatic relations until today. If ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 3 months ago

Southeast Asian Universities Breaks into Times Higher Education Top 100

The University of Malaya (UM) in Malaysia ranked among the ...

Akhyari Hananto · 5 months ago

Ranked: Asia Pacific Countries in English Proficiency Index 2018

 The 2018 global English Proficiency Index has been announced by ...

Adelaida Salikha · 5 months ago

Teachers In This Southeast Asian Nation Amongst World's Most Dedicated

Teachers in this Southeast Asian region have been labelled one ...

Adelaida Salikha · 6 months ago

RANKED: The Most Employable Graduates In the World

It is the only Southeast Asian university in the global ...

Akhyari Hananto · 6 hours ago

These Are The World's 20 Most Dynamic Cities 2018. Find Yours

Although momentum in the global economy appears to have peaked, ...

Akhyari Hananto · 7 hours ago

Top 10 Best-Selling Cars in Southeast Asia 2018

  ASEAN economy expanded 4.9% in the third quarter of 2018, buttressed by ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 weeks ago

Singapore's Air Taxi on Trial Soon, Might Reach Batam

Air taxis will soon be hovering over Singapore's skies as ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 weeks ago

Quality of Living in Asia-Pacific Ranked

Trade tensions and populist undercurrents continue to dominate the global ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 3 weeks ago

'See' City skylines across the World Plunge into Darkness during Earth Hour 2019

Cities around the world descended into darkness as they switched ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

[RANKED] These Are the 50 Best Restaurants in Asia

After four consecutive years as Asia’s ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 days ago

Tesla to Roll On Roads in Jakarta as ... Taxi!

Who's up to this kind of ride? Any takers?

Adelaida Salikha · 4 days ago

(RANKED) 2019 World Press Freedom Index: The Southeast Asian Rankings

RSF's latest World Press Freedom Index stated this element very ...

Adelaida Salikha · 7 days ago

The World's Biggest Single-Day Election Is Happening Today in Southeast Asia!

Indonesians votes for its president today, April 17, 2019.

Adelaida Salikha · 2 weeks ago

Southeast Asian Talents In the Finals of Asia’s Got Talent 2019. Congratulations to The Winner!

It's quite a number of participation from Southeast Asia in ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 weeks ago

The Story of Prophet Muhammad's Uncle Written in Javanese Language is the World's Thickest Single Manuscript

The British Library stores an old Javanese manuscript written ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 2 months ago

Singapore Navy Launches First of Its Four new Submarines

The first of four customised submarines designed for operations in ...

Adelaida Salikha · 3 months ago

This Southeast Asian State Becomes The First F-35 Operator In The Region, Fourth in the Asia Pacific

It will also become the first Southeast Asian air force ...

Akhyari Hananto · 4 months ago

There Will be Another Grippen Operator in Southeast Asia

  The air force has been looking for more than ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 5 months ago

Singapore Armed Forces Deploys Aircraft to Sulawesi to Aid in Quake Humanitarian Efforts

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will be deploying a transport ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 7 months ago

Southeast Asian Navies to Hold Drills with China

Southeast Asian navies are heading to their first joint exercises ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 7 months ago

Japan's Largest Warship Arrives in Indonesia

Three Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers, including the country's largest, ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

China, Laos Vow to Boost Economic Ties

China will encourage its enterprises to deeply participate in Laos' ...

Adli Hazmi · 4 weeks ago

Finally, Southeast Asian Students Community in Turkey Established!

For long time since around 2005 students from Southeast Asian had ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 months ago

How a Javanese King Defeated a Powerful Mongolian Emperor?

The Mongols were a formidable army and they conquored large ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 months ago

This Southeast Asian Country Becoming The Latest to Join International Criminal Court in Fighting Criminality Across Borders

The firm, next action by this Southeast Asian state is ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 months ago

Top Facts You Must Know About One of The Biggest Electoral Moments In The World. Soon to Happen In Southeast Asia!

In 2019, more people will vote than ever before.

Adelaida Salikha · 2 months ago

Could This Hotel Be Kim Jong Un's Accommodation During US-NK Summit?

This hotel in Southeast Asian capital likely to be Kim ...


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