· 2 days ago

These Countries Have More Than One Capital City

A country having more than one capital city is a ... · 2 weeks ago

Indonesia is ready for "The Last of Us"-style cordyceps epidemic

Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin of Indonesia has stated that ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Fun Fact! There Is No "Independence Day" in Thailand

Since Siam, commonly known as Thailand, was never formally colonized ... · 2 weeks ago

Here's why Vietnam is celebrating the Year of the Cat instead of the Year of the Rabbit

While the rest of East Asia welcomes the Year of ... · 3 weeks ago

Exploring the Mysterious World of Durian: Why People Love, or Hate it?

For food-lovers in Southeast Asia, durian is a beloved delicacy. ... · 3 weeks ago

Why Pickup Truck is Extremely Popular in Thailand?

Pickup trucks are an important component of Thailand's automotive environment, ...

Dini Yasyi · 5 days ago

Gaining Momentum, Malaysia Airports Records 52.7 Million Passenger Traffic in 2022

Malaysia's passenger traffic increased significantly, reaching 52.7 million passenger movements, up ...

Dini Yasyi · 5 days ago

Thailand Is Building an Epic New $9 Billion ‘Aviation City’ for Tourists

The new transportation hub, which spans over 1,040 hectares (2,570 acres) in ...

Dini Yasyi · 7 days ago

Chiang Mai Crowned as The Safest City in Southeast Asia

Chiang Mai received 75.5 out of a possible 100 points for safety ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Cebu Pacific is The 1st Philippines Airline to Use SAF For Commercial Flights

Cebu Pacific has stated that the inaugural SAF passenger flight ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 weeks ago

Developed for Executive Class Hikers, Indonesia Starts The Construction of 10-km Cable Car at Mt. Rinjani

It will take two years to finish the 2.2 trillion rupiah ($142 ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 weeks ago

Underrated Experience! Try These 10 Amazing Small Group Travel Tours To Experience in 2023 (Part 2)

If you've been considering that kind of vacation recently, you ... · 21 hours ago

Vietnam's digital economy grows the fastest in Southeast Asia

Many customers have been drawn to online and livestream sales. ...

Dini Yasyi · one day ago

First in Southeast Asia! Elon Musk's Internet Service To Be Offered in The Philippines

Starlink, the satellite internet division of Elon Musk's SpaceX, is ...

Dini Yasyi · 5 days ago

Singapore Officially Opened The Biggest Battery Storage in Southeast Asia

With the inauguration of the largest battery storage facility in ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

What is Sustainable Aviation Fuel That Used by Cebu Pacific Airlines?

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is a type of biofuel that ... · 3 weeks ago

Malaysia's KLIA Ekspres is Southeast Asia's fastest train. For now

Southeast Asia is a region that is rapidly developing its ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

Not TikTok, This is The Most Used Channel For Live Selling in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian Ninja Van e-commerce sellers chose Shopee over its ...

Dini Yasyi · 7 days ago

For The First Time in 50.000 Years, Green Comet Will Appear in The Night Sky

The Virtual Telescope Project will broadcast a live stream of ... · 3 weeks ago

Now We Know, The Deepest points in Earth's Five Oceans

Following one of the most daring ocean trips ever, scientists ... · one month ago

Top 5 Longest Rivers in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to many long rivers, many of ... · one month ago

Mapped: Top 10 Countries With The Most Volcanoes

But how many volcanoes does the world possess?  According to ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Cambodia's Rice is Awarded as World's Best Rice

Phka Rumduol jasmine rice from Cambodia has been named the ...

Dini Yasyi · 5 months ago

Viral Flemish Giant Rabbit in Indonesia, The World's Oldest Rabbit Race

In recent times, very large rabbits with various colors have ...

Dini Yasyi · one day ago

Indonesia’s 2022 GDP Growth Races to a 9-Year High

Following the Russia-Ukraine war, high global commodity prices benefited Southeast ...

Dini Yasyi · 5 days ago

Myanmar's Economy Grew 3% and Will Achieve the Same Pace in 2023

Myanmar's economic activity is still more than 10% behind where it ...

Dini Yasyi · 5 days ago

Malaysia's Economy Finally Emerges From COVID-19's Shadow

A growth rate of 5% year over year was recorded in ...

Dini Yasyi · 7 days ago

5 Factors That Make Vietnam's Economy One of the Fastest-Growing in the World

The nation's excellent economic growth has been aided by large ...

Dini Yasyi · 7 days ago

Fastest Since 1997, Vietnam's Economy Grow 8.02%

According to the report, in 2022, the industrial and construction sector ...

Dini Yasyi · one week ago

3 "Key" Industries to Watch Out for Growth in Southeast Asia in 2023

Southeast Asia continues to be particularly attractive for foreign direct ... · 8 hours ago

Manila regarded as the "most loving capital city" in the world

According to a study that looked at how often people ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 days ago

The Singaporean Men's Military Service Requirements Facts

National Service (NS) was initially implemented in 1967. In response to ...

Dini Yasyi · one week ago

"Stories Behind Old Photographs" Exhibition, A Touching Malaysian History

'Stories Behind Old Photographs' Exhibition by Canvas Art Creative with ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Michelle Yeoh Makes History, Asian Community: "You're doing it for us"

Michelle Yeoh said, "I think that is my biggest fear: ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

New Record! Michelle Yeoh Receives First Ever Oscar Nomination In Best Actress Category

Historically, the Oscars' best actress category has been among the ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

5+5 Things to Anticipate After India Overtakes China as the Most Populous Country in the World

The effects of India overtaking China as the world's most ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

First Country in Southeast Asia, Laos Achieve Midwifery Education Accreditation

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) has recognized Laos as ... · 2 months ago

Best Cities For Students In Southeast Asia

International students can find the best city destinations for their ... · 2 months ago

Interest Reading In The Country Of Southeast Asia

The world bank defines literacy level as the proportion of ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 months ago

Top Places in Southeast Asia to Study Abroad 2022. One of The Best in The World! generated education rankings of the top Southeast Asian ... · 4 months ago

Kemendikbud PMM Students Help Flood Victims

Students of the Independent Student Exchange Program (PMM-2) IKIP Budi ... · 5 months ago

Asia's 10 Oldest University, Maybe One of Them is Your University.

Education will be the focal point of a civilization, with ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 hours ago

Mapping The Population Density in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has some of the greatest population densities on ...

Dini Yasyi · one week ago

Indonesia Start 184 Apartment Blocks Construction for New Capital 'Nusantara'

It was designed by the Indonesian firm URBAN+. A starting ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

Both Have High Living Costs, These Are Key Distinctions Between Singapore and New York

The two cities with the highest cost of living in ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

Why Do So Many People Want to Live in Singapore Despite the High Cost of Living?

Singapore is a small but highly developed nation with a ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

New York & Singapore Are The Most Expensive Cities to Live In The World

The high cost of housing is one of the primary ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

One of The World’s Tallest Buildings is Soon to Build in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

The spiral-shaped building will have 99 storeys and rise 540 meters above ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 days ago

Hoi An City, History of The Most Important Trading Port in Southeast Asian Maritime Commerce

As a result, Hoi An has a distinctive fusion of ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 days ago

How Many People Speak Portuguese, And Where Is It Spoken?

Despite being one of the top 10 most spoken languages in ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 days ago

The Story About Hanoi, The Oldest 'Ascending Dragon' City From Vietnam

he city was first established in the 11th century as ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

History Made! Muay Thai Officially Included in International Olympic 2028

Muay Thai was made a part of the sport's history. ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

SM Entertainment of South Korea Will Establish Its Southeast Asia Headquarters in Singapore

As part of its regional expansion aspirations, the South Korean ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Learn About Thailand's Chakri Memorial Day, "Freedom From Foreign Influence"

The Chakri Dynasty was founded in 1782 by King Rama I, ... · 3 weeks ago

Ukraine Badly Wants Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank. Why?

Even though the United States and its NATO partners have ... · 3 weeks ago

Number of Combat Tanks in Southeast Asian Countries, Ranked

The primary function of a combat tank is to engage ... · one month ago

How to differentiate between Gen 5 and Gen 6 jet fighters?

Jet fighter generations are used to classify the technological advancements ...

Dini Yasyi · one month ago

US and Philippines Military Facilities Will Be Constructed in 2023

Under the terms of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement between ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Beating China, Korea Aerospace Industries Win a Tender to Provide the Royal Malaysian Air Force

Korea Aerospace Industries ultimately secured the contract to provide the ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Thai Air Force Confirms Bid to Buy F-35 Fighters

Thailand is prepared to move forward with the purchase of ...

Dini Yasyi · one day ago

Welcoming Debut! First Time Timor Leste at ASEAN Meeting in Jakarta

Timor Leste made its ASEAN summit debut on Friday, hosted ...

Dini Yasyi · one day ago

Here's a Short Story About The Philippines Colonial History

Since assuming control of the Philippines from Spain at the ...

Dini Yasyi · one day ago

The Philippines is Allowing the US To Increase Its Military Presence

In light of escalating tensions with China, the Philippines is ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Timor Leste Might Join ASEAN in Its Entirety Under Indonesia's Presidency

Additionally, Timor Leste was given observer status, enabling it to ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Buton Island, The Only One Area That Was Never Colonized in Indonesia

Although Buton Island in Indonesia has historical interactions with European ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

How Strong Are Singapore's Diplomatic Skills, Enabling Its Passport to Be One of the Most Powerful? 

Singapore is well-known for its active participation in regional and ...


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