· one week ago

Chicken rice made with cannabis-fed chickens is now available in Thailand.

 Thailand is now officially the first Southeast Asian country ... · 2 weeks ago

70-million-year-old living fossil from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei

If you’ve never heard of the earless monitor lizard, ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

The Meaning of Singapore's Currency, The Only One Dollar in Southeast Asia

The name dollar predates the American money unit by a ... · 4 weeks ago

41,000 Years Ago, Auroras Blazed Near The Equator

Northern and southern hemisphere residents have long been treated to ... · 2 months ago

The Time When Singapore Airlines Operated Concorde

In the Concorde story you always hear about British Airways ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Fun fact about Louis Vuitton's iconic monogram history, inspired by Asia motifs

Georges was influenced by Japanese square flower designs and was ... · 10 hours ago

Foreign Travel Hub for Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines (SQ, Singapore Changi) is contemplating establishing hubs outside ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 days ago

7 World's Best Diving Sites in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has the best spot diving sites for everyone. ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Bakso Goreng Ranks As the Best Meatballs In the World, Let's Check the History!

Bakso goreng received a 4.6 out of 10 rating on ... · 3 weeks ago

Most Muslim-friendly Destination 2022 Ranked

Malaysia has retained its status as the world's leading halal ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

10 Longest Bridges in Southeast Asia

A list of Southeast Asia's longest bridges contains the longest ... · 4 weeks ago

The Complete List of "Best Tourism Villages" 2021 by UNWTO

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has announced the ... · 3 days ago

Three strategies to create an Asia-Pacific region that is both sustainable and digital

Last two years were difficult. The developments have renewed energy ... · 5 days ago

Heralding a Unified Approach for ASEAN Data-Driven Economy

By Satvinder Singh* The ASEAN Economic Community celebrates another significant ... · 2 months ago

SpaceX is considering using Bataan as a base for Starlink.

Elon Musk-owned SpaceX is looking at Bataan as a base ... · 3 months ago

Top 8 Fastest Trains in the World

Japan spearheaded the high-speed rail revolution, and it remains at ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 months ago

10 new Amazon Web Services local zones in six countries

AWS has established an incredible global infrastructure that covers 26 geographic ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 months ago

Amazon Web Services is planning a $5 billion investment in Indonesia's cloud sector

Indonesia was the second-highest earner in Southeast Asia's cloud market ...

Dini Yasyi · one week ago

10 Durian Fun Facts You Should Know. Musang King Has Musang Queen is One of Them!

If you're a true fan of the fruit, here are 10 ...

Dini Yasyi · one month ago

What happened di Southeast Asia 50 million years ago? Science answers!

The fact that Asia produces vast amounts of fossil fuels—...

Dini Yasyi · one month ago

10 places with the world's bluest waters. Indonesia has the best one!

Visitors to the Kawah Ijen Volcano in Banyuwangi will be ... · 2 months ago

How Many Tree Species Exist on Earth?

It may surprise you to learn that before today we ... · 2 months ago

The explanation of 'mystery monkey' found in Sabah, Malaysia

An international team of scientists has discovered evidence that Malaysia's "...

Dini Yasyi · 3 months ago

Not only in Asia, but this lake is also the largest and one of the deepest lakes in the world

Because it is not connected to any other seas, the ...

Dini Yasyi · 9 hours ago

One of the most expensive countries in the world for electricity is Singapore

Since July 2021, electricity costs in Singapore have increased along with ... · 10 hours ago

Indonesia's J&T Express Acquires Land in Malaysia for Logistic Center

As the demand for products in the e-commerce business grows, ...

Dini Yasyi · one week ago

Crazy Rich! Singapore is The Most Expensive Country in the World to Own a Car

According to Yahoo Finance Singapore, a BMWX7 starts at S$548,888 ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Cost of Living 2021 Southeast Asia Ranking by Mercer

Housing, transportation, food, clothes, home items, and entertainment costs were ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

One of the Highest In the World, the Philippines Outperforming Economy Boost in Q1

In the first quarter, the Philippines economy surpassed expectations, bolstering ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

Finally! Tesla Has Registered as a Company in Thailand, Penetrate Southeast Asia Market

Tesla has officially incorporated as a corporation in Thailand, with ... · 2 weeks ago

"We want to build our nation"

In a press release issued on November 26, 2019, the World Bank ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

Again! Indonesia Crowned As the Most Generous Country In The World

According to CAF's research, more than eight out of ten ...

Dini Yasyi · one month ago

The history of a Chinese Moslem who has a long-lasting impact on China's commercial activities in the Indian Ocean

Zheng He was a Hui (Chinese Muslim) from a Hui (...

Dini Yasyi · one month ago

Butet Manurung was chosen as Barbie Role Model 2022, the only one who representing Southeast Asia

Barbie is teaming up with entrepreneurs and role models to ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Catching up with the maker of the most beautiful tempeh in the world

Tempeh is a well-known Indonesian delicacy. It's more than simply ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 months ago

Ranking: Latest World Happiness Report 2022. How about Southeast Asia?

Worry and sadness have risen over the last ten years, ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

Understanding the Meaning of the Southeast Asian Term of “Kampong” / “Kampung”

Kampong (or kampung) is a term in Southeast Asia which ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 months ago

The largest universities in the world by enrollment. Surprisingly! Asia dominates the list

Leading modern universities are a long way from the original ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 months ago

Why should children in Australia study Indonesian?

Indonesia is Australia's closest Asian neighbor, a major participant in ...

Dini Yasyi · 5 months ago

In 2022, Singapore include to the world's most international universities

Singapore is East Asia's leading innovation and knowledge hub, alongside ... · 6 months ago

Asia's top 10 places to study abroad in 2022.

This year's poll received 10,000 answers from students in 181 countries considering ... · one year ago

Best Universities in Southeast Asia 2021

The Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings assessed performance of 551 ... · 7 days ago

Top 20 Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2022

he Aga Khan Award for Architecture (AKAA) today announced 20 shortlisted ...

Dini Yasyi · one week ago

Al Rihla: The Official Ball for the World Cup 2022, Made in Indonesia, is The Fastest on The Planet

The Al Rihla's core was created to "increase accuracy and ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 weeks ago

MUST VISIT! 10 most beautiful museums in Asia

This takes us to Asia, which has some of the ...

Dini Yasyi · one month ago

The fastest in the world! In 60 days, the Jakarta Formula E track is complete

The Jakarta Formula E Executive Committee, stated that as a ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Survey Ranking: The top super app in Southeast Asia in 2022

According to research, 51% of Southeast Asians said they shop online ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

These are the most popular Disney films in Asia. Do you agree with the result?

Asia enjoys singing along just as much as the rest ... · 5 days ago

Warner Bros. buys Indonesia's 'Beach Buds' kids series

Warner Bros. Discovery Latin America has acquired the rights to ...

Dini Yasyi · one week ago

Southeast Asia's Peacefulness Index 2021

With 36 percent of people worldwide reporting improved feelings of safety, ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

Peranakan Cooking, The Oldest Southeast Asia's 600-Year-Old Fusion Cuisine

Peranakan cooking is labor-intensive and time-consuming. It is a Southeast ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

There is "Bandung" in Malaysia. The top 10 Southeast Asian beverages are shown below!

Bandung is a simple drink prepared with milk and rose ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Discover Cocos Malay, Australia's oldest Muslim community

The Cocos' Baju Kebaya & Baju Melayu are nearly identical to ... · 2 months ago

Malaysia to host 34th SEA Games in 2027, Singapore in 2029

Malaysia will host the 34th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

KF-21 Boramae Indonesia-South Korea Prototypes Finally Undergoing Ground Tests

This is an update after the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (... · 2 months ago

A team from the United States Air Force to visit Thailand to assess the country's F-35 procurement potential

A U.S. Air Force inspection team will reportedly be ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 months ago

Get to know the most advanced UAV in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

With a chronic manpower shortage, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 months ago

Get to know the most advanced UAV in Southeast Asia. Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Philippines

Indeed, according to Teal Group's 2020/2021 analysis, global military UAV research ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 months ago

Being the strongest, Singapore has many sophisticated aircraft for supports their interceptor aircraft

No other Southeast Asia air force compares to the Republic ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 months ago

From highest to lowest, this is the ranking total combat tank fleet strength by country in Asia Pacific

Vietnam, ranked second in Southeast Asia, has the most powerful ... · 2 months ago

Timor-Leste presidential election results: José Ramos-Horta wins by a landslide

According to preliminary results released Wednesday by the electoral office, ... · 3 months ago

ASEAN SME Academy: Inspiring and Uplifting ASEAN MSMEs During Crisis

By Dato Lim Jock Hoi, Secretary General of ASEAN 18 April 2022 ... · 3 months ago

Russia considers joining AFC (Asian Football Confederation) following UEFA ban

In light of UEFA's decision to ban Russia from European ...

Dini Yasyi · 5 months ago

Indonesia pioneer seeking ASEAN coordination on the South China Sea disputes this February

Officials from five other Southeast Asian countries have been asked ... · 11 months ago

5th ASEAN Media Forum highlights the Bloc's Goals, Achievements and Challenges

The 5th ASEAN Media Forum held virtually by the ASEAN ... · one year ago

Safety Index 2021 : Southeast Asia Capital Cities

Many people coming from relatively safe countries tend to underestimate ...


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