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Meet Bacuya, The Mascot of 2023 #U20WC Indonesia

Bacuya, The Javanese Rhinoceros and Mascot of The 2023 #U20wc ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Which Countries Drive on the Left or Right?

The most crucial traffic law is to which side of ... · 2 weeks ago

After Queen Elizabeth II Dies, the Sultan of Brunei Becomes the World's Longest Serving Monarch.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has ruled for 54 years and 341 days

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

Why Are Passports In This World Only Available In Four Colors?

There are just four colors available for passports worldwide: black, ... · 4 weeks ago

Flag Color Schemes of 5 Southeast Asian Countries

A flag is the identity of a country, a flag ... · 3 months ago

Top 3 best-selling cars 2021 in each ASEAN country

Which automobiles are poised to be successful sellers in Southeast ... · 14 hours ago

A destination for every dream: ASEAN countries make Forbes' "World's 50 Most Beautiful Countries" list

As a region, Southeast Asia exemplifies diversity, versatility, and vibrancy. ... · 7 days ago

Valuable Reviews on Singapore's Colorful Tourist Attractions

Here are some positive visitor reviews about the colorful places ...

Dini Yasyi · one week ago

Top 10 Busiest International Routes in Asia-Pacific

Routes Online take a look at the busiest routes in ... · 2 weeks ago

The Elysée, Phnom Penh's Newest Icon, Paris-inspired

Koh Pich is the new district of Phnom Penh on ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Bali Named World’s Happiest Holiday Destination in 2022

The best beach in the Islands of God, according to ... · 2 weeks ago

5 Rare Photos Jakarta's Atmosphere in the Past

The portrait of Jakarta in the past can bring to ...

Dini Yasyi · 7 days ago

Proton Malaysia is Committed to Distributing New Energy Vehicles

For EV and NEV sales and distribution, Proton New Energy ... · one week ago

Southeast Asian Countries Cybersecurity Index (2022)

In today's modern era, there are many activities that can ...

Dini Yasyi · one week ago

Southeast Asia Hopes to Become the Next EV Hub

By 2025, 20% of all vehicles in the region will be electric, ... · 3 weeks ago

Smartphone Display Rankings 2022: Which phone ranks #1?

According to the DXOMARK survey results, the iPhone tops the ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

Indonesia Started 5G Mining, The First in Southeast Asia

PT Freeport Indonesia's labor safety and productivity have increased thanks ...

Dini Yasyi · one month ago

Canalys Survey: Top Five Smartphone Vendors in Southeast Asia

Shipments of smartphones from Southeast Asia totaled 24.5 million in Q2 2022, ...

Dini Yasyi · one week ago

Viral Flemish Giant Rabbit in Indonesia, The World's Oldest Rabbit Race

In recent times, very large rabbits with various colors have ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

European History Was The One of Asian Peninsula 

The landmass of Eurasia, located in the northern hemisphere of ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Early Amputation Evidence Discovered in an Indonesian Cave

A young person's body that had been interred 31,000 years ago ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

The 5,700-Year-Old Neolithic Woman's Face, "Penang Woman," Finally Revealed.

With the completion of a facial drawing on July 5, the 5,000...

Dini Yasyi · 4 weeks ago

Surprisingly! Indonesia Has The Wettest Place on Earth

Marker post Mile 50, located on a treacherous mining road in ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 months ago

10 Durian Fun Facts You Should Know. Musang King Has Musang Queen is One of Them!

If you're a true fan of the fruit, here are 10 ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 days ago

Visualizing The World’s Biggest Rice Producers

Over half of the world's population relies heavily on the ...

Dini Yasyi · 6 days ago

Forbes List: Largest Companies 2022 in Southeast Asia

In 2022, OCBC Bank, a subsidiary of Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, will ...

Dini Yasyi · 6 days ago

Tesla Signs Huge $5 Billion Deal to Buy Products Made of Nickel in Indonesia

If Elon Musk wants to sell 20 million cars a year ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Are You High Earners? Singapore is Calling You

flexible five-year work visa for foreigners who earn at least ... · 4 weeks ago

Meet Indonesia's top decacorn, the logistic giant J&T Express

J&T Express, a startup based in Indonesia, has achieved ... · 4 weeks ago

Cambodia and Vietnam's Success in Increasing Gender Equality

According to the Women Business and the Law 2022 report released ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 days ago

The Happy Planet Index: How Happy Are You?

It is, indeed! Only 27% of nations consumed within the bounds ...

Dini Yasyi · 7 days ago

The World's Largest Continent in Universe, These Are The Ethnic Groupings in Asia

When you hear the word "Asian," what comes to mind? ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Meet Tyroe Muhafidin an Indonesian Plays "Theo" in The Rings of Power

Tyroe Muhafidin, an Indonesian-Australian mulatto, gained notoriety for his portrayal ... · 3 weeks ago

New Version of Teletubbies Coming to Netflix

The new Teletubbies will premiere on November 14, 2022.

Dini Yasyi · 4 weeks ago

6 Mobile Legends Heroes Inspired by Southeast Asian Heroes

As a result of their inclusion in one of the ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Best Countries for Women in Southeast Asia

The global advancement of women's status has stalled, and gaps ... · 2 weeks ago

Asia's 10 Oldest University, Maybe One of Them is Your University.

Education will be the focal point of a civilization, with ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Index of Excellence in STEM Education, Asia Pacific Ranking

Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Iran won positions 5 through 10.

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Top 10 Asian Locations for Study Abroad

10,000 students from 181 countries who are considering studying abroad participated in ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 months ago

Understanding the Meaning of the Southeast Asian Term of “Kampong” / “Kampung”

Kampong (or kampung) is a term in Southeast Asia which ...

Dini Yasyi · 6 months ago

The largest universities in the world by enrollment. Surprisingly! Asia dominates the list

Leading modern universities are a long way from the original ...

Dini Yasyi · 7 months ago

Why should children in Australia study Indonesian?

Indonesia is Australia's closest Asian neighbor, a major participant in ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 weeks ago

Fun Fact: Asia Has More Than 80% of the World's Skyscrapers

Asian nations have more high-rise buildings than any other region ... · 4 weeks ago

Top 8 Cities WorldWide with Most Skyscrapers. Two in Southeast Asia

According to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, ... · one month ago

Enhancing Connectivity with ASEAN Customs Transit System

By Satvinder Singh* More than three years ago, Mr. Raj, ... · 2 months ago

Vietnam considers a 1,545 km long, $58.7 billion high-speed train

The Vietnamese government announced on Sunday that it is considering ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 months ago

Beating Singapore, Indonesia Is the Best Place for Expats 2022 in Southeast Asia

Mexico, Indonesia, and Taiwan are chosen as the top three ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 months ago

Which City Is Better for Expats in 2022: Singapore or Hong Kong?

One of them may be the competition between Singapore and ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 days ago

Number of Ethnic Groups in Southeast Asian Countries

The population of Southeast Asia is made up of many ... · 3 weeks ago

Betawi Batik Meaningful Piece of Cloth

Betawi culture is diverse, from culinary to artistic heritage and ...

Dini Yasyi · one month ago

A Compilation Best Street Foods in Southeast Asia by CNN Travel

When it comes to street food, Asia is heavy on ...

Dini Yasyi · one month ago

Nostalgia! Some of the Ancient Technology in Southeast Asia

Some of these Ancient Technology in Southeast Asia use for ... · 2 months ago

Jollibee's Chickenjoy has been named as the "Best Fried Chicken in America."

Americans know the Filipino secret: the tastiest fried chicken in ...

Dini Yasyi · 3 months ago

Local Epic Movie "Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan" Ready to Road To Oscars Project

The film Mat Kilau: Kebangkitan Pahlawan will be promoted internationally ... · 2 months ago

South Korea - Indonesia's less-expensive alternative to the F-35 jet takes off

South Korea declared the first successful test flight of its ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 months ago

KF-21 Boramae Indonesia-South Korea Prototypes Finally Undergoing Ground Tests

This is an update after the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (... · 5 months ago

A team from the United States Air Force to visit Thailand to assess the country's F-35 procurement potential

A U.S. Air Force inspection team will reportedly be ...

Dini Yasyi · 7 months ago

Get to know the most advanced UAV in Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

With a chronic manpower shortage, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) ...

Dini Yasyi · 7 months ago

Get to know the most advanced UAV in Southeast Asia. Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Philippines

Indeed, according to Teal Group's 2020/2021 analysis, global military UAV research ...

Dini Yasyi · 7 months ago

Being the strongest, Singapore has many sophisticated aircraft for supports their interceptor aircraft

No other Southeast Asia air force compares to the Republic ...

Dini Yasyi · 2 weeks ago

Southeast Asia's Peace Rank in the Global Peace Index 2022

For the third year in a row, Singapore continues to ... · 3 weeks ago

Visiting Indonesia, Marcos Jr Vows a Strengthened Cooperation

The President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. visited ...

Dini Yasyi · 4 weeks ago

Bougainville: Southeast Asia's newest neighboring country in 2027

The disengagement process for Bougainville will start in 2023, and it ... · 4 weeks ago

Malaysia's 65th Independence Day: What We Need to Know

Independence is the right of all nations and every country ... · 2 months ago

Map: Countries with official diplomatic ties to Taiwan

Taiwan is a multi-island territory in the western Pacific Ocean, ... · 6 months ago

Timor-Leste presidential election results: José Ramos-Horta wins by a landslide

According to preliminary results released Wednesday by the electoral office, ...


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