Adelaida Salikha · 12 hours ago

How This Southeast Asian Beauty Queens Conquer The Beauty Pageants

The Philippines has had beauty pageants since the early 1900s.

Adelaida Salikha · 6 days ago

Which Southeast Asian Country Has the Most Number of Public Holidays in 2019?

The results will surprise you!

Adelaida Salikha · one week ago

Did You Know That This Southeast Asian Airline Was Purchased for US$0.24 Cents? Here's For More Fun Facts

Happy 17th birthday, AirAsia! Here's some recap of important facts ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 2 weeks ago

Brian McKnight Says What Makes Him Filipino

American R&B singer-songwriter Brian McKnight has gotten personal ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 weeks ago

This Southeast Asia Map Of Literally-Translated Country Names Will Amaze You

Have you ever stopped and thought about the name of ...

Adelaida Salikha · 4 weeks ago

Southeast Asia Home to World's Largest IKEA Store Soon

Once completed, it will occupy 65,000 square meters, roughly the size ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 16 hours ago

Indonesia’s Traveltech Unicorn Have Acquired Three Rivals in Southeast Asia

Traveloka has acquired three online travel agencies (OTAs) – Indonesia&...

Akhyari Hananto · one day ago

Top 10 Best Airport Connectivity: Asia Pacific Countries

In the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index 4.0 2018 in ...

Adelaida Salikha · one week ago

(Photos) Meet The Hidden Gem Beach Paradise In The World’s Largest Island Nation

Have you heard of the hidden gem beach paradise called ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 2 weeks ago

The Only Southeast Asia Representative in TripAdvisor's World's Best Restaurant

Ubiquitous travel review website TripAdvisor has just revealed its list ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 weeks ago

This Airport in The Philippines Named ‘Asia Pacific Airport of the Year’

The Center for Asia Pacific (CAPA) Aviation Awards recently named ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 weeks ago

Southeast Asian Beaches In the World's Top 50 City Beaches

Seasia gathered here those Southeast Asian beaches listed within the ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 17 hours ago

Cambodia's Biggest Hydropower Dam Now Producing Electricity

Cambodia's largest hydropower project officially began producing electricity Monday as ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 2 days ago

Indonesia's E-Commerce Leader Raises $1.1 B from Alibaba and Softbank

Leading technology company PT Tokopedia announced on Wednesday that it ...

Adelaida Salikha · one week ago

(Photos) Smartphone Brands Across Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian smartphone brands that once and, maybe still becoming ...

Adelaida Salikha · 3 weeks ago

GoJek Entering Singapore This Week. Will It Challenge the Hometown of Arch-Rival Grab?

"It is going to be effectively more competition and that’...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 3 weeks ago

Malaysia's Oil and Gas Firm 'Petronas' Sets Up Team for Renewable Energy Push

Malaysian state-owned oil and gas firm Petroliam Nasional Berhad, or ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 3 weeks ago

From Blood Delivery to Security, Singapore Plans to Deploy a Lot of Drones

Hi-tech Singapore is planning to roll out a swarm of ...

Adelaida Salikha · 4 days ago

(Photos) The Discovery of 157 New Species in Southeast Asia

"There are blood, sweat and tears behind every new discovery."

Akhyari Hananto · 2 weeks ago

Breathtaking Bamboo Building Withstands Earthquakes

Thailand’s eco-friendly Panyaden International School has added a stunning ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 weeks ago

Hoooly Crab! Meet The Largest Land Arthropod

It's huge, antisocial, will steal your silverware, and can rip ...

Akhyari Hananto · 3 weeks ago

This Tiny Island in Indonesia Forever Changed Science

When we think of evolution, we think of Charles Darwin. ...

Adelaida Salikha · one month ago

7 Most Weirdest Flowers In The World

Weirdest, but it's a real fact. Few can be found ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 2 months ago

Indonesian Isle Surprises with New Bird Species

A high-pitched, five-note whistle pierces the woodlands of Rote, an ...

Adelaida Salikha · 18 hours ago

Japanese Retail Group Teams With This Southeast Asia's Ride-Hailing Giant For Services Expansion

Under the alliance, Aeon will accept payments using Go-Jek's Go-Pay ...

Akhyari Hananto · one day ago

The One and Only Southeast Asian Company in Time Magazine's "50 Genius Companies 2018"

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has been named as one of 50 “Genius ...

Adelaida Salikha · 7 days ago

Why This Southeast Asian Nation Could Be Asia's Biggest Trade War Winner?

Is this nation in the region becoming the next 'Asian ...

Adelaida Salikha · 7 days ago

RANKED: The Most Prepared Country In the World For Online Commerce

All but one of the top ten developing countries in ...

Adelaida Salikha · one week ago

This New Southeast Asia Airline Venture to Begin Operations in August 2019

The domestic airline will apply for its aviation licence in ...

Akhyari Hananto · one week ago

Now, Here's Southeast Asia's Largest Cement Producer

Indonesia's biggest cement maker Semen Indonesia is buying the local ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 days ago

Southeast Asian Talents for The International Film Festival and Awards Macao and Variety

The arising Asian talents who received spotlights from the world.

Akhyari Hananto · 2 days ago

Why is Filipino Spelled with an ‘F’ When the Philippines is Spelled with a ‘Ph’?

  In 2015, Steve Harvey became entangled in a double whammy: Apart ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 days ago

Please Welcome, the New Miss Universe 2018. Yes, She's from Southeast Asia

The Philippines’ Catriona Gray is Miss Universe 2018. Gray was hailed ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 weeks ago

The Bloomberg's List of Top 50 Most Noteworthy Accomplishers

Within the list, there's one and the only representative from ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 2 weeks ago

Rain or Shine, They Climb Mountains to Feed the Hungry

  “The river overflows when it rains, even a boat can’...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 weeks ago

Meet Among The Richest Fighters in Southeast Asia. Here's The Best Five!

Though no actual figures involved, these are among the top ...

Akhyari Hananto · 7 days ago

Ranked: Asia Pacific Countries in English Proficiency Index 2018

 The 2018 global English Proficiency Index has been announced by ...

Adelaida Salikha · 3 weeks ago

Teachers In This Southeast Asian Nation Amongst World's Most Dedicated

Teachers in this Southeast Asian region have been labelled one ...

Adelaida Salikha · one month ago

RANKED: The Most Employable Graduates In the World

It is the only Southeast Asian university in the global ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 months ago

This University In the Region Used Shipping Containers to Build Its Entire New Campus

This Southeast Asian educational institute teaches students how to live ...

Adli Hazmi · 2 months ago

 When Students in Singapore Will No Longer Be Ranked by Exam

In education there are many problems need to be fixed, ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 months ago

Malaysia's State Ruler Appointed Patron of Oxford University’s Center for Southeast Asia Studies

According to the Oxford University news release, the centre would ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 17 hours ago

Bangkok Now Among World's Most Expensive Cities

Bangkok has joined the list of the 100 most expensive cities ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 days ago

First Jollibee Outlet In This Southeast Asian Nation, Outside the Philippines, Finally Opens

The presence in the Southeast Asian region itself is expanding.

Adelaida Salikha · one week ago

The First Autism-Friendly Mall In This Southeast Asian State

Starting January 2019, the mall management will address features which we ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 weeks ago

Guess What, This Indonesian Island Makes One Among The Finest and Award-Winning Wines

To backpackers, jet-setters, shoppers, mountain climbers and beach lovers, Indonesia ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

Prepare to be Wowed: Thailand’s Highest Observation Deck is Now Open!

King Power Mahanakhon—currently the tallest building in Thailand&...

Akhyari Hananto · one month ago

10 Best Designed Buildings in the World According to Architectural Digest

Building design at its visionary best engages, exhilarates, and inspires. ...

Adelaida Salikha · 17 hours ago

Top 10 Most Interesting National Costumes From Miss Universe 2018

The blazing and stunning one!

Adli Hazmi · 18 hours ago

It's Time to Deal With Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is a huge problem for earth because it ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 days ago

(Photos) Life Along the Mekong River That Will Fascinate You

The Mekong River Basin’s biodiversity is immense, even in ...

Akhyari Hananto · 6 days ago

Southeast Asia's Best Countries in Heritage Ranked

When it comes to assessing a country's global contribution, it's ...

Akhyari Hananto · one week ago

Filipino Popular Comics is Now a Netflix Anime Series

If there's anything truly monumental that Netflix Originals has achieved, ...

Adelaida Salikha · one week ago

The World’s Most Popular Musical Will Premiere in Southeast Asia Next Year

For a limited season, the musical will premiere in one ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

Singapore Armed Forces Deploys Aircraft to Sulawesi to Aid in Quake Humanitarian Efforts

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will be deploying a transport ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 2 months ago

Southeast Asian Navies to Hold Drills with China

Southeast Asian navies are heading to their first joint exercises ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 3 months ago

Japan's Largest Warship Arrives in Indonesia

Three Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers, including the country's largest, ...

Adelaida Salikha · 3 months ago

Southeast Asian Cyber Security Center Opens in Thailand

The idea came from a meeting between ASEAN and Japan’...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 months ago

Nine-nation Sea Exercise to Tackle Regional Maritime Security

Navies and coast guards from the United States and eight ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 6 months ago

Thailand Calls ASEAN to Pool Knowledge to Fight Cybercrime

ASEAN law enforcement officials must work together to create a ...

Akhyari Hananto · 4 days ago

2019: Timor Leste to Officially Join ASEAN?

Much has happened in Southeast Asia this year. Just to ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

'Friendship with Philippines the Only Right Choice' – China

Chinese President Xi Jinping received a red-carpet welcome in the ...

Indah Gilang Pusparani · 4 weeks ago

Vietnam, Russia Aim to Nearly Triple Trade to $10 Billion by 2020

Vietnam and Russia on Monday agreed to nearly triple bilateral ...

Adelaida Salikha · one month ago

Southeast Asian Leaders Vow to Create World's Largest Free Trade Area In 2019

Together with six key trading partners of Asean, all leaders ...

Adelaida Salikha · 2 months ago

Meet The Third Asian Leader to Receive Japan's Highest Award

He to be conferred the prestigious award after former Singaporean ...

Akhyari Hananto · 2 months ago

The Most and Least Peaceful Countries In Southeast Asia 2018

  Peace, some people say, starts with a smile. But ask ...


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