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Archive page of popular articles on Good News from Southeast Asia which updated every day.

A destination for every dream: ASEAN countries make Forbes' "World's 50 Most Beautiful Countries" list 14 hours ago
As a region, Southeast Asia exemplifies diversity, versatility, and vibrancy. The possibilities for travelers visiting the destination are endless - ...

The World's Largest Continent in Universe, These Are The Ethnic Groupings in Asia

Dini Yasyi7 days ago
When you hear the word "Asian," what comes to mind? You might see completely different people depending on where you are or what you ...

Tesla Signs Huge $5 Billion Deal to Buy Products Made of Nickel in Indonesia

Dini Yasyi6 days ago
If Elon Musk wants to sell 20 million cars a year by 2030, he’ll need a lot of nickel—a key metal used in the ...

Forbes List: Largest Companies 2022 in Southeast Asia

Dini Yasyi6 days ago
In 2022, OCBC Bank, a subsidiary of Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, will be the biggest corporation in Southeast Asia. ...

Visualizing The World’s Biggest Rice Producers

Dini Yasyi3 days ago
Over half of the world's population relies heavily on the crop as a staple food for a significant portion of their diet. In a ...

Number of Ethnic Groups in Southeast Asian Countries

Dini Yasyi2 days ago
The population of Southeast Asia is made up of many different ethnic and cultural groupings. Due to its location at the intersection of land ...

The Happy Planet Index: How Happy Are You?

Dini Yasyi2 days ago
It is, indeed! Only 27% of nations consumed within the bounds of the environment. Discover the nations that demonstrate there are more environmentally "efficient" ...