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World's Best Dive Resorts 2017, Ranked

Adelaida Salikha3 years ago
Curious to know where in the world that has Best Dive Centre or Resort? ...

The 10 best dive sites in Asia

Akhyari Hananto3 years ago
It's been said that we know more about the moon than we know about our own oceans. That's probably total rubbish. ...

This Country Ranks #1 Dive Destinations for 2017

Akhyari Hananto4 years ago
The most popular dive destination for 2017 is Indonesia. It won by a large margin with 22,552 votes from our readers, Papua New Guinea came ...

Standing tall in waters deep

Akhyari Hananto4 years ago
Underwater and out of their wheelchairs, these persons with disabilities are free. They can't walk but they can dive, because in the water, we're ...

Try These Challenging Diving Sites and You'll Discover the Unknown. Only in Indonesia

Arifina Budi4 years ago
Definitly, Indonesia is home for the brave, those who has fearless. ...