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Singapore, Indonesia to Set up Business Council to Enhance Networking, Sign Four MOUs

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Indonesian President Joko Widodo agreed to form an Indonesia-Singapore Business Council to enhance business networking and boost cooperation.  "President Jokowi and I ...

Indonesia's hunt for trophy after stunning Singapore

Akhyari Hananto5 years ago
The Merah Putih midfielders Andik and Evan both had opportunities in the 13th and 21st minutes to get on the scoreboard but failed in ...

How Many Languages do Indonesians Speak?

Akhyari Hananto5 years ago
The Javanese language is the most widely used regional language in Indonesia, considering that the Javanese people make up around 40 percent of Indonesia’s ...

Indonesia Wins Best Destination Marketing Award

Akhyari Hananto5 years ago
Wonderful Indonesia recently received yet another recognition when it was named The Best Destination Marketing 2016 by Travel Weekly Asia ...

Indonesia and Finland : Research Antiobiotic Resistance

Athaya P. Belia5 years ago
 Indonesia and Finland finally will conducting a research on resistance to antibiotic drugs which has been a threat in some various places in the ...

Unique Food Ingredients only from Indonesia

Arifina Budi5 years ago
The country is rich in biodiversity yet apart from cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), its native produce and unique ingredients ...

Indonesia, We Are On Our Way to become Southeast Asia's Digital Powerhouse

Arifina Budi6 years ago
Indonesia noted as the fifth-largest internet population in the world with crossed 100 million internet users in May 2016. This number then predicted by ...