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Twitterland Reveals Real 'Crazy Rich Asians', The Indonesia's Surabaya Version

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
You may have watched romantic film Crazy Rich Asians and you may still be awed by the characters' glamorous lifestyle. ...

Do You Know These Formula 1 Drivers from Southeast Asia?

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
Did you really know that they had once raced for the nation and world? ...

Grab Will Move Its Headquarter to Indonesia?

Bagus Ramadhan4 years ago
  Named as a new emerging economic region, Southeast Asia has enormous growth of investment related to new digital economy. Thousands ...

Indonesia Breaks Southeast Asia's Record in Winning Asian Games Golds

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
Indonesia has broken the Southeast Asia's record of winning gold medals in one Asian Games, reports Xinhua. ...

The Nighttime Image of Java from The Outer Space

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
Aboard the International Space Station, astronauts observe the Earth in all her beauty including this this nighttime image of Java, Indonesia’s largest island. ...

(Photos) Extreme Vespas to Celebrate Indonesians Love for the World-Renowned Italian Scooter

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
Hundreds of Indonesians gather in Java each year to celebrate their love of the world-renowned Italian scooter. ...

Indonesia, Malaysia Joining Forces to Produce ASEAN Vehicle

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
The two countries aim to manufacture vehicles with 90% of the components made locally. ...

(Photos) Stunning Photos That Show Why It is Named 'World's Best Island'

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
These stunning photos will definitely show you the reason why ...

Stunning Footage of Strange Sea Creature In the Waters of Northern Bali

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
A strange creature captured in Indonesia's Bali. ...

Meet The Humble 100-Meter Gold U20 World Champion From Southeast Asia

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
This is a story about young Indonesian sprinter Lalu Mohammad Zohri, who rocked the 2018 IAAF U20 World Championships by clinching the men’s 100-meter ...