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Why Indomie Is So Popular in Nigeria? one week ago
Indomie is a brand of instant noodles that has gained tremendous popularity in Nigeria over the years. The popularity of ...

Southeast Asia's Highest-Consuming countries of Instant Noodles

Dini Yasyi10 months ago
Indonesia consumes 13,270 million packets, while Vietnam consumes 8,560 million packets. Singapore consumes 130 million servings of instant noodles, the least amount ...

The 7 greatest taste & quick noodles to eat when backpacking

Dini Yasyione year ago
Although the basic instant noodle is often scorned, this light, carb-rich dish is a backpacker's best friend. No other dinner is as easy to ...

Largest Instant Noodles Companies in the World

Mohamad Ramdhan3 years ago
Instant noodle is one of favorite simple food in the world. There are many variations such as taste, size, shape ...

World's 1st Instant Noodles to Commemorate 60th Anniversary

Saturday will mark the 60th anniversary of the date when Nissin Food Products Co. began selling Chicken Ramen, the world's ...