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Cities in Southeast Asia where Wildlife is Returning

You've seen photos all over social media of wildlife returning to locked-down cities worldwide. Dolphins are appearing in Italy's waterways, ...

Do You Know These Blue Java Bananas that Taste Like Ice Cream Originated from Southeast Asia?

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
Can the fruit be this blue? Does it really taste like ice cream? ...

The World's New Tallest Known Tropical Tree Has Been Found. It's Spotted in This Region Too!

Adelaida Salikhaone year ago
A giant tree more than 330 feet tall was identified in Borneo from the air, and then climbed with a tape measure, at considerable ...

Recovering Nature Like in Thailand, Should We Follow It ?

Adli Hazmi2 years ago
Just last week a shocking video became viral in social media, a video that reminds us about what we actually ...

7 Most Weirdest Flowers In The World

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
Weirdest, but it's a real fact. Few can be found in this region. Isn't that mind-blowing? ...

14 Southeast Asian Fruits That World Citizens Probably Wouldn't Recognize

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
Southeast Asia is home to fruits that many people from other regions have never seen before. ...

This Park in Thailand Does Something Really Stunning, Especially When Floods Reach the City

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
This oasis of green in the hyper-developed city has an important job: it can contain one million gallons of water. ...

Stunning Footage of Strange Sea Creature In the Waters of Northern Bali

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
A strange creature captured in Indonesia's Bali. ...

(Photos) Meet Vietnam's Chicland Hotel, The Lush Greenery-Covered Hotel

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
The extraordinary building will be almost completely covered in vegetation and squeezed into an awkward plot near the coast in Da Nang. ...