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Mt. Mayon: The Worlds's Most Perfect Cone Volcano

This is Mayon Volcano, Philippines. It's dubbed as a volcano with the most perfect cone-shape. ...

Two new bird species discovered in Kalimantan

Akhyari Hananto4 years ago
Borneo’S remote Meratus Mountains are home to two species of bird previously unknown to scientists. According to a new study published in academic journal BirdingASIA, the mountain ...

These 8 Secret Waterfalls Will Turns Your Vacation Into Magic

Thomas Benmetan4 years ago
Niagara, Iguazu, and Victoria are some of the world’s most famous waterfalls that everyone’s put on their wish list. And the truth is, you ...

China’s first vertical forest is rising

Akhyari Hananto4 years ago
Stefano Boeri Architetti is bringing the vertical forest concept popularized in Milan to Nanjing, China with the Nanjing Towers. The two green towers could ...

Philippines Declares Largest Marina Protected Areas

Akhyari Hananto4 years ago
A whopping 1,013,340 hectares covering both the coastal and offshore waters of Cagayancillo , plus 80,000 hectares of Aborlan in the Philippine province of ...