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Proton Ready to Take on Honda and Toyota in Southeast Asia

Akhyari Hananto2 years ago
Li Chunrong was hired by Chinese automaker Geely to revive the fortunes of the Proton brand in Malaysia, and it ...

Malaysia Launches New National Car Project, Prototype to be Released Next March

Malaysia launched a new mass market car project on Friday, as it looks to boost development and adoption of high ...

(PHOTOS) Could This Be the Looks of Malaysia's Proton First Ever Hybrid Car?

Adelaida Salikha2 years ago
The first of its kind and it's going to be hybrid this time! ...

Malaysia's Proton Sets Its First Foot In South Asian Region

Adelaida Salikha3 years ago
The assembly plant will be built near Karachi, Sindh province and it will be the first Proton’s plant in the South Asian region. ...

Malaysia to Have A Brand New National Car. Is It A Big Yes or No?

Adelaida Salikha3 years ago
Though the announcement sparked mixed reactions among the Malaysians or even the international society, still, there were some supporters for the idea. ...

Top Best Selling Cars in Southeast Asia 2017

Adelaida Salikha4 years ago
According to this data by Focus2Move that covers 140 countries, 320 brands and 3,800 models, herewith is the ASEAN best-selling cars ranking in ...

The Game is On : Electric vehicle race in Southeast Asia

Akhyari Hananto4 years ago
Not wanting to miss out on the next transport technology revolution, Southeast Asian policymakers are racing to accelerate the adoption ...

China's plans bid for Malaysia's Proton

Akhyari Hananto5 years ago
China may soon cinch another knot in its business ties with Malaysia. Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., the Chinese auto maker that owns Volvo Cars, ...