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It's Official. Indonesia's Gojek, Tokopedia Merge in Country's Biggest Deal

Akhyari Hananto23 hours ago
Ride-hailing giant Gojek and marketplace Tokopedia said on Monday they have combined their businesses to form GoTo Group, the largest ...

A Badass TankBoat Made in Indonesia

Akhyari Hananto2 days ago
Is it a tank that floats like a boat, or a boat that shoots like a tank? Indonesia’s new Antasena ...

New Indonesian Low-cost Carrier Ready to Launch

Akhyari Hananto2 weeks ago
Indonesian low-cost start-up airline Super Air Jet aims to begin flying soon with a business model focused on tech-obsessed millennials ...

This Indonesian-designed Mosque Looks Like PS5. For Palestine from Indonesia

Akhyari Hananto2 weeks ago
Throughout his career as an architect, Kamil gained popularity for his ability to incorporate modern designs into commercial buildings, museums, ...

Southeast Asia's Biggest Travel App Plans Regional Fintech Expansion

Akhyari Hanantoone month ago
Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s largest online travel startup, plans to launch financial services in Thailand and Vietnam as it eyes a ...

One Indonesian Industry has Boomed During the Pandemic

Akhyari Hanantoone month ago
When COVID-19 hit Indonesia, it devastated industries such as fisheries. However, one sector has gone against the trend: seaweed farming. A research by ...

How a Javanese King Defeated a Powerful Mongolian Emperor?

Akhyari Hananto2 months ago
The Mongols were a formidable army and they conquored large parts of the Eurasian landmass while defeating a wide variety ...

Coffee Culture in Indonesia , and Where to Find the Best Coffee

Akhyari Hananto3 months ago
Indonesia is known for its coffee culture and is the 4th largest producer of coffee in the world after Brazil, ...

10 Fun Facts About an Animal Once Thought to be a Fairy Tale Animal

Akhyari Hananto3 months ago
This is no ordinary pigs. Babirusa. First featured on Gulielmi Pisonis's book cover titled Indie Utriusque re Natural et Medica (1646),  Babirusa was thought ...

This is Obviously World's Most Dangerous Bird

Akhyari Hananto3 months ago
This massive, flightless emu-like creature has been called "the most dangerous bird in the world." The reason is that this ...