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Catching up with the maker of the most beautiful tempeh in the world

Dini Yasyi2 months ago
Tempeh is a well-known Indonesian delicacy. It's more than simply food; it's a sense of belonging. ...

Bahasa Melayu unify people in Nusantara archipelago. How come Bahasa Indonesia has "Exclusivity"?

Dini Yasyi2 months ago
Bahasa Indonesia is spoken by around 198.5 million people, according to the most recent data from Ethnologue. 19.1 million people speak Bahasa Melayu. ...

Is Indonesia still the country with the greatest linguistic diversity? Here's the truth!

Dini Yasyi2 months ago
The local language, Javanese, is more interesting, as it can have a variety of dialects. The Javanese language, for example, has numerous dialects. ...

Amazon Web Services is planning a $5 billion investment in Indonesia's cloud sector

Dini Yasyi3 months ago
Indonesia was the second-highest earner in Southeast Asia's cloud market last year with $600 million in total cloud-based income, after Singapore's $1.8 billion. ...

Who is the world's largest consumer of cooking oil?

Dini Yasyi3 months ago
Indonesians will consume roughly 27.75 kg of vegetable oils per capita in 2022. In 2030, the estimate forecasts an increase of 32.97 kilos. ...

Why should children in Australia study Indonesian?

Dini Yasyi4 months ago
Indonesia is Australia's closest Asian neighbor, a major participant in Southeast Asia, a G20 member, and a rising economic force in commerce, technology, and ...

Indonesia became the first country with a natural beauty high score of all time

Dini Yasyi4 months ago
Indonesia was the first country to receive a high score for natural beauty, with New Zealand, Colombia, Tanzania, Mexico, Kenya, India, France, Papua New ...

Jakarta is now directly connected to Australia and the United States via submarine cable system

Dini Yasyi4 months ago
Indonesia's government is all-in on digital, with communications minister Johnny Plate recently expressing his aim for the country to become a regional hub for ...

This bank in Indonesia named the world’s best bank in emerging markets in 2021

Dini Yasyi4 months ago
The most powerful illustration of this on a global scale is Bank Central Asia, Indonesia's best-run bank under the long-serving leadership of president director ...

Indonesian bank brands dominate as the top 10 strongest banks in the world

Dini Yasyi4 months ago
Following BCA, Mandiri maintains its position as the world's seventh most powerful bank brand in 2022 and Bank BRI achieved a remarkable feat ...