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Top 15: Fastest Countries in the World to Create Unicorn

Akhyari Hananto2 months ago
Singapore is among the top countries in the world for unicorn startups, with six businesses valued at over US$1 billion. ...

Singapore unveils one of the world's biggest floating solar panel farms

Akhyari Hananto2 months ago
Singapore unveiled on Wednesday one of the world's largest floating solar panel farms, spanning an area equivalent to 45 football ...

BioNTech Chooses Singapore as New Regional Headquarter to Produce mRNA Vaccines

Akhyari Hananto5 months ago
German biotechnology firm BioNTech, which partnered Pfizer to develop a COVID-19 vaccine using messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, will set up its ...

Why Singapore Beats New Zealand as Top Place for Expats

Akhyari Hananto5 months ago
The city-state beat New Zealand to rank first in a survey of expat destinations for the second year running. Among ...

First bank in Southeast Asia enables face recognition at ATMs

Akhyari Hananto6 months ago
OCBC Bank has introduced facial biometrics for ATM services, thus taking Singapore closer to eliminating the need to carry around an ATM ...

US Army Selects Singapore-made Bronco Armored Vehicle

Akhyari Hananto6 months ago
An armoured troop carrier based on ST Engineering's range of Bronco vehicles - which has endured improvised bomb attacks in Afghanistan with zero ...

This Southeast Asian Country Tops Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index

Akhyari Hananto8 months ago
This marks the first time the city-state has led the index. Singapore has emerged as the country best prepared for the ...

Singapore is Now Opening “Cruise to nowhere”

Aurellya Rahmada11 months ago
Singapore has just launched its first "cruise to nowhere" this November. The garden city's residences couldn't wait to board themselves ...

Guide for Beginner: Be Ready to Celebrate Deepavali in Singapore!

Rizky Dea Safitri11 months ago
Deepavali or Diwali is India's most significant and important holiday of the year. The celebration takes its name from the ...

The Real Treasures around Singapore's Chinatown

Siwi Tri mawarni11 months ago
Hanging out in Singapore's Chinatown could bring to mind two completely different impressions, depending on which era you come from ...